Problems of motivation of agricultural workers.

The first relates to the fact that agricultural production is inextricably linked to the use of land and other natural resources. The products of this sector requires special conditions of storage, processing and transportation, as it is perishable and has a biological origin. Agricultural production is based on the use of biological laws, the seasonality of production. The results largely depend on the conditions agricultural particular region. Economic specificity lies in the fact that the land, serving as the main means of production, is not subject to amortization and are not included in the cost of production. And although the productivity of the land does not give an accurate accounting, different levels of soil fertility and location of the form in rents of producers. Let us consider the agricultural specificity of motivation, which is shown in the following distinctive 5 features.

  1. Seasonal work. It provides a time gap between the production process and the results obtained, and the higher it is, the more effort is needed to motivate. Consequently, seasonality of agricultural production complicates the process of stimulation.
  2. Results of agricultural production directly depend on the weather and climate and natural and economic conditions of a particular region, and this leads to the risk of non-receipt of the planned level of income in the future, that is. e. to a high degree of instability. Therefore, the motivational role of the employer decreases as financial reward is often the basis of its effects.
  3. A feature of agricultural production is the fact that most of the products are not part of the marketable products, and participates in internal circulation as a raw material for other producers. It also reduces the effect of the employer to the employee as at his disposal is a smaller amount of money than would be possible in the industrial production.
  4. The work of agricultural workers is not only used in social production, but also in the home (subsidiary) economy. Therefore, the employer impact on agricultural workers is somewhat limited, as they are to some extent self-sufficient-HN.
  5. Feature of agricultural labor is manifested in the fact that most of the work is done outdoors, of course, under different weather and climatic conditions. And so the human resources (aimed, for example, mental work) flow into the city.

This makes it necessary to use "restraint" motivational tools (for example, granting housing), but they require significant funds, and for the sphere of agricultural production becomes problematic. To try yourself in agricultural production you can find listed vacancies on great source Jooble